Photodigm DBR Laser Diodes ranging 730-1100 nm

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03. Chip Architecture

DBR Laser Diodes:

High Power Chip: Built for Performance. Maximizes output power while maintaining spectral stability.

Low Power Chip: Energy-Efficient and Compact. Ideal for low threshold currents.

High Operating Temperature Chip: Ideal for Harsh Environments. Optimized for high-temperature operations.

Gain Chips:

Double-Angle Facet Chip: Optimized for higher output power and efficiency, suitable for demanding applications requiring strong, focused emission.

Single-Angle Facet Angled Emission Chip: Designed for applications needing precise directional control, reduces internal reflections for cleaner output.

Single-Angle Facet Direct Emission Chip: Ideal for direct, straightforward applications; maximizes output efficiency with minimal internal loss.

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0 mW350 mW


Chip on Submount (CoS): Basic platform for custom packaging. Small, metallized submount.

9MM: Simple, hermetically sealed. Optional photodiode.

C-Mount: Copper Tungsten (CuW) heatsink. For macro-packaging in ambient conditions.

TO-8: All-in-one with TEC, photodiode, and thermistor. Optional sealing.

TOSA: Compact with TEC and thermistor. Hermetically sealed.

Butterfly: For fiber-coupling. Lower output power due to efficiency losses.

Butterfly + Isolator: Fiber-coupled with isolation. Best for precision spectroscopy.

ISOBragg™ Package: High-power, fiber-coupled with optical isolation.


Mode Hop Free (MHF): Ensures consistent power and wavelength tuning. Ideal for tunability

Virtual Point Source (VPS) Lens: Enables easy coupling into optics and detectors

MHF + VPS: Combines tunability and easy coupling for dynamic performance

Direct-Edge Coupling (DEC): Enhances laser to fiber/waveguide coupling for high-efficiency, minimal loss systems.



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