Photodigm DBR Laser Diodes ranging 730-1100 nm

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Picture this: DBR lasers, small enough to fit 500 on your thumbnail, yet so precise they can stimulate specific elements in the periodic table. From enabling non-invasive medical diagnostic solutions to navigating the challenging environment of outer space, Photodigm’s DBR lasers are illuminating the path to discovery.


Small but mighty, our photonic chips are powered by light and are reinventing the biomedical industry. Though virtually invisible, they’re transforming wearable devices with their precise imaging capabilities. Whether it’s low-noise scans with Optical Coherence Tomography or innovative advancements in blood chemistry, these tiny lasers are sparking a major revolution in medical science.

Distributed Bragg Reflector (DBR) lasers are small yet powerful tools making substantial inroads into the biomedical industry. Their compact size, coupled with their high-power output, renders them ideal for inclusion in wearable medical devices.

These lasers are crucial to Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), an advanced imaging technique. With their exceptional control over light, DBR lasers can generate detailed, low-noise scans, revealing valuable information about the human body’s internal structures.

Moreover, these lasers have the potential to revolutionize the way we approach blood chemistry analysis. DBR lasers can read intricate details about blood chemistry, reducing the need for traditional invasive methods.

The use of DBR lasers in biomedical applications embodies a forward-thinking blend of photonics and medical science, creating innovative, non-invasive solutions for diagnostics and patient care.



DBR lasers are the superheroes of spectroscopy. With pinpoint accuracy, they deliver the exact energy needed to probe complex systems, without the fuss of external optics. They’re like archaeologists of light, extracting critical information without disturbing the system. From Raman spectroscopy to materials characterization, these lasers are not just versatile – they’re transforming how we understand, interact with, and manipulate the microscopic world around us.

Distributed Bragg Reflector (DBR) lasers are carving out a crucial role within the realm of spectroscopy, an essential tool for understanding complex systems. These lasers exhibit exceptional accuracy in wavelength delivery, thus ensuring precise energy delivery to the system under scrutiny.

DBR lasers serve as ideal tools for probing complex and sensitive systems. They have the remarkable ability to extract critical information without necessitating complicated external optics or sophisticated detectors. Picture an archaeologist meticulously extracting artifacts without disturbing the surrounding environment; this is the level of finesse that DBR lasers bring to spectroscopy.

Their versatility is further exemplified in their application to Raman spectroscopy and beyond. DBR lasers are not confined to a single technique; they thrive across a multitude of spectroscopy techniques.

The integration of DBR lasers into spectroscopy is a promising stride forward, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of the process. This fusion of advanced photonics and spectroscopy heralds a new era of insightful data collection and interpretation.



In the complex realm of quantum tech, precision and reliability are king. Enter our DBR lasers – ultra-reliable, cost-effective, and tiny enough to integrate seamlessly into this frontier of technology. From laser cooling to atom-trapping, atomic clocks to photon entanglement experiments, Photodigm’s DBR Lasers are the unrivaled champions in the arena of quantum science.

In the quantum field, precision and accuracy are paramount. Distributed Bragg Reflector (DBR) lasers are rising to this challenge, providing both of these qualities and more in a compact, reliable, and cost-effective package.

DBR lasers demonstrate an exceptional ability to adapt to this demanding environment. Their seamless integration into emerging quantum technology is shaping the landscape, bringing a new level of efficiency and performance.

Their versatility shines in advanced processes such as laser cooling and atom-trapping. These lasers can precisely manipulate atoms for use in atomic clocks, illustrating their potential in highly precise timekeeping mechanisms. Furthermore, their application in photon entanglement experiments is a testament to their pivotal role in quantum science.

The integration of DBR lasers in quantum applications represents a significant step forward in the quantum field. This convergence of innovative photonics and quantum science opens the door to new possibilities, enhancing precision and versatility in quantum technology.



In metrology, consistency is everything. That’s where our DBR lasers come in. Their passive wavelength selective mirror offers a consistent reference point that doesn’t degrade over time. Like a reliable compass, they provide unwavering accuracy and end-reliability, making them a go-to source for calibration and metrology systems.

Link expands to reveal this copy:Distributed Bragg Reflector (DBR) lasers are revolutionizing the field of metrology, which places a premium on precision and consistency. The Photodigm DBR, in particular, showcases a passive wavelength selective mirror. This feature serves as a constant reference point for the center wavelength of the device.

Imagine a compass providing unerring direction – this is how the Photodigm DBR operates, providing unwavering consistency in its center wavelength. Remarkably, this steadfast feature does not degrade over time, ensuring enduring accuracy and reliability.

This consistent performance lends itself to superior calibration and metrology, instilling high confidence in the results derived from these processes. The Photodigm DBR, therefore, emerges as a dependable source in the critical metrology landscape.

The inclusion of DBR lasers in metrology systems marks a considerable stride forward in the discipline. Their steadfast performance and consistency promise a new era of reliable and precise measurement, reinforcing confidence in metrological outcomes.



As the backbone of photonics, our DBR lasers are known for their unmatched versatility. In remote sensing and LiDAR, they’re the go-to choice for detecting essential atmospheric components, contributing key data for climate change and national security issues. In the world of scientific research, our lasers don’t just participate — they lead. 

Working alongside government agencies, national labs, and top universities, we provide cost-effective, seamlessly integrated light sources for groundbreaking experiments. When it comes to space applications, our DBRs are up for the challenge. They’re designed for reliability, able to operate beyond Earth’s atmosphere, and contribute to the scientific journey through the cosmos. Distributed Bragg Reflector (DBR) lasers find varied applications in areas like remote sensing, LiDAR, scientific research, and even space applications, proving their versatility and adaptability.

In remote sensing and LiDAR, DBR lasers shine bright. They aid in the detection of atmospheric components like methane, ozone, and aerosols, which hold significant implications for climate change and national security. Photodigm DBRs demonstrate exceptional precision, packaged compactly. Their performance remains consistent, whether they operate on ground, in the stratosphere, or in the depths of outer space.

When it comes to scientific research, Photodigm aligns with leading-edge explorations. Teaming up with government agencies, national labs, and top universities, we’re at the forefront of innovation. Photodigm DBRs serve as cost-effective, easily integrated light sources for even the most challenging experiments.

Finally, Photodigm DBRs also have a role to play in space applications. While the specifics may seem vast and unknown, one thing is clear – Photodigm DBRs have the capability to venture beyond Earth’s atmosphere and contribute to scientific endeavors in the cosmic arena.


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