Photodigm DBR Laser Diodes ranging 730-1100 nm

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Partner with us for tailored engineering solutions, on-site semiconductor packaging assembly, and comprehensive testing procedures.


Our photonics solution experts can provide application-specific research, early-stage design concepts, feasibility simulations, and scalable production insights for a custom semiconductor diode design that meets your exact needs. Bring us in to join the team and we’ll partner with you to engineer a unique customer-inspired solution.


Photodigm is the only commercial manufacturer of the DBR (Distributed Bragg Reflector) laser in the world. Our technology IP is protected with 30+ patents and 20+ years of tuning our manufacturing processes. Our fabrication facility is run by 27 full-time employees who have all received specialized semiconductor training on-the job for their highly technical roles.


In addition to testing our products to ensure the reliability and performance of our precision laser diodes, Photodigm supports companies who need assistance with certified semiconductor testing procedures for a specific application, such as Spectroscopy Certified™ or Space Certified™ devices, or a more unique characteristic like linewidth
evaluation, beam profile characterization or gain switching mode pulsing optimization.


Photodigm offers a variety of on-site semiconductor packaging assembly solutions to integrate chips into C-Mount, TOSA, 9MM, TO-8 diode packages, and more. In addition, we provide expertise in wire bonding and Virtual Point Source (VPS) lensing.

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