Photodigm DBR Laser Diodes ranging 730-1100 nm

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DBR Laser Diode

Chip Architecture:

Low Power $2,750


40 mW

- 180 mW




Chip on Submount (CoS)


The 1036 nm DBR Series of high-performance edge-emitting laser diodes are based on Photodigm’s advanced monolithic single-frequency Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) based laser technology. It provides a single spatial mode beam and has passivated facets for reliability. The 1036 nm Series DBR devices are used in frequency doubling applications as a low-noise optical pump source.

Chip Architecture Description

This laser diode is based on Photodigm's proprietary Distributed Bragg Reflector (DBR) design. It is augmented by the Low Power laser diode architecture, a product designed for applications where low threshold currents are desired and power output isn't application critical. Power output is between 40-180 mW

Package Add-on description:

Chip on submount (CoS) is the most fundamental packaging option offered. The laser diode sits on a 2.8x3.8x0.5 mm^3 metallized submount. They are the perfect platform for designing your own package around and creative engineering.

PRICE: $2,750.00

1036 nm single-frequency DBR Low Power Chip Architecture ($2750) with output power of 40-180 mW, chip on submount, for a total unit cost of $2750


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