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World Quantum Day (April 14, 2023) Collaboration with the QED-C

According to the World Quantum Day Org, World Quantum Day is celebrated on April 14, a reference to 4.14, the rounded first digits of Planck’s constant.

This year, Photodigm celebrated World Quantum Day by partnering with the QED-C, Quantum Economic Development Consortium, to create a video miniseries raising awareness of the impact of quantum science and technology.

The QED-C asked us to focus on “How will quantum impact… biomedical diagnostics?” and we answered in this 1-minute video!

👋 Our team is proud to supply #quantumtechnology! We design, test, and manufacture single-frequency #DBR laser diodes 730–1090 nm which are essential to #biomedical sensing applications. Quantum biomedical diagnostic technology enables better patient care with non-invasive less stressful procedures. Doctors can build confident treatment plans by receiving real-time accurate insights into the 🧠 human brain, 💚 heart, and more! #WorldQuantumDay

You can see the QED-C’s full video miniseries on this YouTube playlist.


ABOUT PHOTODIGM, INC: For over 20 years Photodigm, Inc. has been the only 100% U.S.-based semiconductor manufacturer of single spatial and longitudinal mode Distributed Bragg Reflector (DBR) laser diodes. DBR lasers are essential to quantum sensing and atomic clock manufacturers, optical metrology and sensing, and laser spectroscopy. Headquartered in Richardson, Texas, they design and produce fixed wavelength diode lasers best known for their accuracy and reliability. Learn more at

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